Neighborhood Watch and Bullentin Board Committee Meeting

Meeting Date:
November 17, 2017

Members in attendance:
Janie Newsome
Dorothy Briggs
Shao Lee
Belinda Kelton
Deborah Smith
Marilyn Ates Brennan
Brad Brennan
Tammy Sparrow Fayette

Gary Newsome

  1. Contacting Landplan to ask them to put up no dumping and no trespassing signs on their land at the entrance to our town
  2. Calling CoServ concerning the lights at our mailboxes on Highridge
  3. Shao Lee has submitted her Gardening Tips to Councilman Bushong for this month
  4. December Bulletin boards will be done by Jill Thompson and Betsy Fomon Seiberling
  5. Decided on neighborhood watch signs for Lakewood Village’s two entrances
    Two signs with brackets
    $144.00 each
    $ 40.00 ( $ 20 each for installation )
    = $328.00
    Councilman Gary Newsome will present this to our council Dec. 14, 2017


Welcome Nancy Duff to our watch program.
Next meeting January 12th
Our Motto: Keeping our town safe while having fun.

Neighborhood Watch and Bullentin Board Committee Meeting

The Lakewood Neighborhood Watch Group and The Neighborhood Watch Town Bulletin Board Committee had a joint meeting at Dorothy Briggs's home on September 22.

Our town has two bulletin boards by our town's group mailboxes, and these ladies have paired up to ensure our town's important information is up, with a calendar of events and seasonal visual treats to glance at when we all pick up our mail.

The Board Committee consists of these volunteers:
Nikki Blackwell, Tancy Turner, Tammy Fayette, Deborah Smith, Betsy Seiberling, Janie Newsome, Belinda Kelton, Kimberly Foster, Joann Arnold, and Jill thompson.

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Our Lakewood Village Neighborhood Town Watch Committee volunteers are:
Tancy Turner, Dorothy Briggs, Tammy Fayette, Nikki Blackwell, Betty Seiberling, Belinda Kelton, Deborah Smith, Joann Arnold, Kimberly Foster, Shayne Coker, Shao Lee, Robin West, Darrell West, Sarah Bennett, Marilyn Brennan, Brad Brennan, Calvin Ates, Pam Reed, and Jill Thompson.

Items discussed are below:

  1. October Bulletin Boards are planned and will be up soon.
  2. Our thanks to Tammy for making duplicate keys for the locks on the bulletin boards. See our town secretary, Linda for reimbursement.
  3. Darrell West provided information about our town's 40th anniversary party which will be held October 14, 5-11 pm. We can help set up tables and with clean up. ( if have extra tables the town can use see Linda Louden or Darrell West )
  4. Shao Lee gave a small presentation on her plans to start a horticulture page/ newsletter for our town's web site.
  5. Councilman Clint Bushong asked us to come up with some wordage for the back side of our "Town of Lakewood Village" marker at the entrance to our town. Brad Brennan has already asked for ideas on our Town's Facebook Site.
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  7. Councilmen Clint Bushong also will look into neighborhood watch signs that we can put up in our village ( probably one at each entrance)
  8. Councilman Ed Reed (our sign man) will assist
  9. Next meeting will be at the beginning of November.
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