Building Department

To maintain the highest quality home construction and safety of our residents, The town of Lakewood Village has adopted one of the strictest and most thorough building ordinance in North Texas. The Building Inspection Division manages and coordinates the plan review, permitting and inspection of all construction projects in the Town. A building permit is required for all new construction, remodeling, changes or additions to structures, or where rewiring, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work is to be performed. A more complete list of examples can be found by following the link When is a permit required?.

All builders and contractors who perform work in Lakewood Village are required to be registered. The town maintains this registry as a mechanism which allows the Town to respond to any homeowner complaints that may arise or where contractor licenses lapse. Registration is $25 for a one-year period. Registration forms and most commonly requested permits are available by following the forms link.

A certificate of occupancy is required prior to moving in to any new or existing residence. The Town will not provide electrical power to new occupants (owners or tenants) until after the residence has successfully passed the certificate-of-occupancy inspection. It is the new resident's responsibility to obtain the necessary inspection. To schedule an inspection, please contact Town Hall at 972-294-5555 at least 72 hours prior to move in. A $100.00 inspection fee must be paid prior to the inspection.